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Health and safety for working at height in international perspective

In order to improve health and safety for work at roofs, more and more international developments have to be considered.

European guidelines

85% of the Dutch Health and Safety Act is based upon agreements from European legislations. Especially paragraph 95 and 137 of the EU-pact and in particular Decision 89/391/EG and the Machinery Directive 89/382. Enclosed scheme clarifies how all Dutch regulation is linked to European agreements.
Concerning the addition of specific measures for working on flat roofs into a Health and Safety Catalogue, we must carefully verify that no unjust or conflicting solutions for the risks in the roofing branch are mentioned.

Scheme fig. 4.2 from: Het recht op veilige, gezonde en waardige arbeid (J.R. Popma, red.), Gelling Publishing 2008
scheme 4.2

European and international products

In order to realize optimal labour circumstances it is important to obtain the latest information about relevant developments (e.g. roofing materials, tools, machinery and personal protection devices). The (limited) size of the Dutch market may cause the large international manufacturers not wanting to meet specific Dutch demands (as far as these demands exceed minimum European guidelines). Competitive circumstances, size and large R&D departments of these international manufacturers enable other parties the use of new products, based on the latest techniques. Through the internet, even the small undertaker or individual professional can easily find means and methods to solve a risk or a technical problem. It makes him independent of the sometimes limited offer by suppliers and intermediate trade. Expert centre SBD will be glad to mention good practices from foreign countries on our website.

English section on SBD website

To promote the exchange on an international level, March 2009 SBD will start a modest English section on our website. By this, we hope not just to obtain new information, but also to contribute to solutions for safe working at heights, especially for non-EU countries.

SBD informs the Ukraine about health and safety
11 November 2008, SBD coordinator Jos van der Borgt gave a presentation in Kiev. This presentation was part of a conference for suppliers that want to introduce harnesses and other personal protection devices to the European market.
The visit was on invitation of (and financed by) the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs. Mr Van der Borgt explained the prevention of falls based on the European Temporary Work at Height Directive and known West-European experiences.

His presentation (photos included) is now available on this website.